Our environments shape our existence.

How's you home treating you?

Maintaining a clean and orderly home takes a daily commitment and ability that in today's world is timely at best and impossible at worst. It's like my mom always said "Clean up your room at night so you wake up refreshed and ready for the day. Make your bed in the morning so when you come home, you feel relaxed and in control.” Simple and totally true but back then, that’s all I had to worry about; my own room!

The quality of our life is given by the quality of our environments.

We find that people who struggle with keeping a clean and tidy house aren't really struggling with being lazy, unmotivated or just a "piggy". They are struggling with too many commitments, expanding lifestyles and that pesky 24-hour cycle we all must bend to.

But if you aren’t doing it yourself, you want someone you can trust and isn’t going to cause more work and frustration – show up when promised, won't steal, is pleasant and can CLEAN (yes, professional cleaning takes mad skills.)!

You need help and we may be a solution.

DS Cleaning & Maid Service, my mom’s cleaning company established in 1995 and incorporated in 2007, does exactly that – delivers “Good ‘ol cleaning like mom used to…” with the lowest possible price, quality service and professionally trained, happy to work staff.

Teresa, our mom, still runs things around here and "It's not clean until mom says so!" 


Residential Services

We clean homes just like mom used to! We offer 1-time, Initial and recurring service. We promise a clean house at a price you can afford! 

“I have been using DS Cleaning & Maid Service for several months now. They are MARVELOUS! If you want someone that does what you ask and the quality assurance is completed every single time. They have a supervisor that periodically accompanies the cleaning person to assist and ensure that they provide the highest quality of service."

- Gina Justin, Fort Lauderdale


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